KARACHI: Anti smuggling team of Customs Intelligence Karachi has recovered large quantity of smuggled betel nuts concealed under cow dung.

Based on information passed through Director Saquif Saeed to Additional Director Nausheen Faisal, the Anti Smuggling team of Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation-Customs Karachi, led by Deputy Director Inamullah Wazir, thwarted an attempt to smuggle betel nuts under the cover load of animal dung by seizing a Bed Ford Truck from Northern Bypass to Karachi city.

After the information was received about the unique concealment surveillance was mounted on  movement of such vehicles coming towards city area. Resultantly, One Bed Ford truck bearing Registration No.AE-0071 was spotted on Nazimabad road and the driver was signaled to stop instead of stopping he sped away but was intercepted after chase. On asking about the load on truck, the driver replied that he has loaded animal dung from an area on Northern Bypass for onward delivery to nursery area in the city. Being dissatisfied from driver’s reply, the said truck was taken into custody and was brought to I&I HQs. During hectic exercise of unloading of the animal dung, 280 bags of betel nuts were recovered which were kept under the animal dung.

Value of the detain betel nuts and truck is over 10 million rupees. Case has been registered and the truck along with smuggled betel nuts have been seized.