I extend my warm greetings to officials of the Pakistan Customs. The World Customs organization is celebrating its 71st anniversary this year and we are proud that Pakistan Custom is playing a key role in development of this progressive country through efficient targeted controls and the facilitation of lawful trade. The World Customs Organization (WCO), has announced that 2023 will be devoted to the united efforts of the global Customs community to take on a leadership role, using innovative technologies, and collaborating with its stakeholders in bracing for the future, with the slogan “Nurturing the next generation: promoting a culture of knowledge sharing and professional pride in customs”

International Customs Day celebrates all the customs officials and agencies that toil day in and day out to ensure effective world trade management. The officials also ensure the smooth functioning of trade operation across international borders and put people at the very center of the transformation process. Customs authority is responsible for collecting tariffs and overseeing the import and export of goods from industrial raw materials to consumer products. International Customs Day carries immense value as we get an opportunity to express gratitude to customs officials for working tirelessly and ensuring secure administration. Secondly, the day also highlights importance of staying informed with custom laws and regulations and lastly, the day also celebrates international trade across borders whilst helping the economy thrive.

The theme for this year follows “Nurturing the next generation: promoting a culture of knowledge sharing and professional pride in customs”. The first aspect highlights a culture that fosters on knowledge sharing and this can be achieved through aligning Pakistan Custom’s culture and technical infrastructure towards open communication. Instilling a knowledge sharing culture assists in an employee’s personal development and in today’s fast paced world, it is imminent to implement such strategies to be able to achieve goals and objectives much more efficiently. Knowledge sharing is a long-term strategy and with the right guidance from experienced higher customs officials, the organization can witness an immense boost in their growth. The second aspect highlights taking professional pride in customs It is pivotal to develop such a culture that our next generations are able to take inspiration and develop a sense of pride for customs officials who have worked tirelessly to improve current conditions of the organization and enhancing economic development of the nation.

Pakistan Customs is amongst very few organizations in the country who pioneered in designing and automating their clearance and audit systems in the country. Pakistan Customs is pursuing a broad-based reforms strategy through a careful re-assessment of its role and objectives and by aligning of its operational ethos with the prevalent international standards. The two fundamentals planks of the reforms strategy are the simplification of its business processes and automation of cargo clearance procedures at all national ports. As technological innovation is taking over the global business sector, Pakistan Customs is also implementing newer business models so as to boost economic growth and enhance overall efficiency. It is known fact that increase in trade volumes cannot be handled without state of the art clearance system and the department’s efforts in this regard are highly appreciated. Pakistan Customs has come a long way over the years, and the institution has went through radical changes which has now transformed Pakistan Customs into a proactive organization in the country.

The Pakistan Single Window initiative led by Pakistan Customs aims at reducing the time and cost of doing business by digitalizing Pakistan’s cross border trade and eliminating paper based manual processes. Pakistan Single Window (PSW) is a technology-based facility that allows all the stakeholders and departments involved in trading to submit and analyze the credentials for import, exports and transit-related regulatory requirements in the country. The aim of launching PSW is not only to speed up the process but also to save hundreds of millions of dollars on the way. The implementation of PSW in Pakistan is pivotal in unlocking the country’s potential to become hub for international trade and transit. Pakistan Single Window (PSW) will not only boost cross border trade but also enable transparency and live tracking of goods and cargo.

Today, Pakistan Customs is a major player in national economic growth by virtue of its commitment to provide a fiscal and procedural environment, which underpins and sustains enhanced trade in the country, and facilitates flow of goods across national borders. It is equally committed to protecting the national polity against the threats which need to be countered in that process. In doing so, it is striving to achieve the highest standards of professional service and excellence. Pakistan Customs has gone through rigorous business process re-engineering which led to creating transparency and ease of doing business.

It is an immense pleasure that Al-Mighty Allah has granted us this opportunity to represent the Karachi Customs Agents Association which is one of the largest and most proactive Association in Pakistan, having more than 3000 members who are playing a vital role for the collection of budget targets fixed by Federal Government for FBR time to time. I on behalf of Managing Committee of Karachi Customs Agents Association pay our gratitude and well wishes to Pakistan Custom & World Custom Organization on World Customs Day.