KARACHI: The no confidence movement against PM Imran Khan will be decided on Sunday. However, Imran Khan will remain an important political figure in the country regardless of the outcome of No Confidence Vote.

Imran Khan has named USA being behind the conspiracy to remove him from the office. This comes at a time while Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in China.

It is known that the threatening letter from USA was discussed with the authorities in China, Russia, Afghanistan and Central Asia. Imran Khan on the advice of the above mentioned countries named USA.

Imran Khan is in constant contact with DG ISI and Chief of Army Staff. Before the Russia-Ukraine war started, PM Imran Khan recently visited China during the Olympics and after that Khan visited Russia. During these meetings, assurances were given for support towards defense, security and economic development.

It can be safely guessed that Russia and China gave assurances to Imran Khan regarding provision of discounted oil and gas, the country’s economic uplift as well as industrial and financial support.

One of the agenda points is said to be self-reliance of the Muslim world for their defense needs or at least switch the Europe and USA. It may be mentioned here Russia and China are willing to provide all assistance in this regard.

An alternate economic system has already planned to counter the sanctions and FATF, which USA uses to bully the rest of the world. The role India is playing in the geopolitical scene is commendable. However, Pakistan is far more important for the Russia-China bloc because of Pakistan’s influence over Muslim world.

Imran Khan, while addressing the nation, said, “I was and will always be for a strong independent foreign policy where my people comes first. Now we have a message from America. I mean some foreign country. I have received a message. The kind of message we have received is not against the PM but it’s against a nation. They say we will forgive Pakistan if Imran Khan goes but if it fails, Pakistan will have to suffer. It’s recorded. It was said if Imran Khan remains the PM, our relationship will deteriorate and you will have to suffer. No reason was stated. They are telling Pakistan as if we are their slaves. Here they have three stooges.”

“Voting on Sunday. The decision will come on Sunday which will show on which side nation to go now. People suggested me to resign but I will play till last ball. I will not resign. I will play till the last ball,” said Imran Khan.

Imran Khan said, “There was a time when other countries used to learn from us and now I have seen Pakistan being humiliated. When I started in politics, I made it clear that I am not going to bow to anyone and I will not let Pakistan bow down. I am that Pakistani who was best known in India because of cricket. I know America really well. The UK was like second home to me. After two years, the same US who was our friends imposes sanctions on us.”