OIC Conference is the most important session in its history for the Muslim countries as well as the entire world. 48 foreign ministers will attend the conference being held in Islamabad on March 22 and March 24, 2022. It is said Chinese Foreign Minister may also attend the conference as an observer.

Before the Russia-Ukraine war started, PM Imran Khan recently visited China during the Olympics and after that Khan visited Russia.

It is suggested by certain circles that during his visit to China and Russia, the two world powers had detailed discussions on geo-politics and way forward. It seems that certain understanding was reached regarding the role of Imran Khan pertaining to the future course of the Muslim world. The Russia-Ukraine war has exposed the hypocrisy, racism and hooliganism of the western world.

It can be safely guessed that Russia and China gave assurances to Imran Khan regarding provision of discounted oil and gas, the country’s economic uplift as well as industrial and financial support.

Imran Khan will attempt to convince the Muslim world to end their chronic dependence on the west and develop cordial relationship with the entire world and not become part of any bloc.

It may be mentioned here that countries and leaders relying on the promises of West suffered the most as it happened in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and the list goes on. Imran Khan may also speak of political upheaval in Pakistan as Imran Khan attempted restore sovereignty of the country.

It may be mentioned here that Ukraine is the battleground of the war between United States and Russia while the people of Ukraine are suffering. Imran Khan may mention the conduct of USA wherein USA had always left their allies in the time of need. The recent conflict has also exposed the hypocrisy of western media.

The same western media who has been condemning Russia’s intervention in Ukraine has been cheering the bombing of Muslim states by US and Europe. The innate racism of western media is no more a secret.

One of the agenda points is said to be self-reliance of the Muslim world for their defense needs or at least switch the Europe and USA. It may be mentioned here Russia and China are willing to provide all assistance in this regard.

United Kingdom is the destination for most of the world’s black money and entire Europe as well as America are involved in all the money laundering, terrorist financing and whitening of black money, but the bully organizations such as IMF, World Bank and FATF are only the tools to suppress the Muslim world. These organizations never take action against the wrongdoings of western and American organizations, governments.

It is said that Muslim world is willing to switch from the monopolized international trade in US dollars, and a separate currency and international transaction system ending the dependence on USD. It is no secret that majority of the world is tired of hypocrisy, racism and hooliganism of the western powers.

The agenda of the OIC Conference is that the Muslim World should not take sides and vote impartially at the United Nations.

The No Confidence Motion launched by the joint opposition is actually the battle between the world powers. It wouldn’t take much long for the things to be clearly visible in the coming days.