KARACHI: The Collector, Adjudication I, Sanaullah Abro passing an Order in Original (ONO) has ordered Ghani Ceramic Limited, Lahore to deposit alleged evaded amount of Rupees 63,004,552 besides paying surcharge and personal penalty of rupees 1,500,000 while custom agent H.R. Brothers, Karachi were imposed with a penalty of Rupees 200,000.

The contravention report was made by the Directorate of Intelligence & Investigations (D.I.T) presently headed by Director Khalil Yousafani.

According to contraventions report, Ghani Ceramics imported consignments of Pre Engineered Building C/W accessories for establishing a tile manufacturing plant in Special Economic Zone (SEZ). As per contravention report GDs were filed and in-admissible exemption was availed under 9917 of Chapter 9 a of 6th Schedule, Pakistan Custom Tariff, S No 19 of 6th Schedule of Sales Tax Act 1990, causing huge loss to the government’s legitimate revenue.

As per customs, the items imported (prefabricated building) are in fact classifiable under PCT 9406.9090 attracting Custom Duty at a rate of 20 per cent, Additional Custom Duty at a rate of 7 per cent, Sales Tax 17 per cent beside other levies.

Ilyas Ahsan former legal eagle of customs department appeared for the respondents. The Adjudicator after hearing the sides at length and perusing the written reply to show cause and other material held that

Contravention is established and therefore the amount as judged by the customs amounting to rupees 63,004,552 shall be deposited by the importer.

The case was made by Ilyas Ghicki (R&A), Superintendent/Principal Appraiser Farooq Ahmed under supervision of Deputy Director Touseef Gorchani, and Additional Director Ghulam Nabi.

It is worth mentioning that R&A has by now attained an exceptionally good reputation of making strong cases of violation and tax evasion which results in recovery of evaded huge revenue.