Central Selection Board meeting to be held on September 28-30, 2021

KARACHI: A meeting of the Central Selection Board (CSB) to consider promotion of officers from BS-19 to BS-20 and from BS-20 to BS-21 of all services, groups and ex-cadre posts will be held from September 28 to 30, 2021 in Islamabad.

High Power Board (HPB) that has been delaying for months due to the busy schedule of Prime Minister, will also convene soon after.

PM advised all ministries that the intelligence reports of officers were not acceptable and these reports are again being prepared. HPB is likely to convene in November, with a delay of seven months, which created kind of an anxiety among officers.

Some BS-21 officers will retire if the HPB meeting is further delayed, and they might miss the lucrative office of BS-22.

Sources said the growing number of CSPs and the posts created for them thereof had caused a problem for the establishment. Seats are being unnecessary created to accommodate the bureaucracy i.e. new incumbent and promoted officers.

This practice has been a burden on national exchequer as jurisdictions of officers have been reduced to accommodate new officers. An official said there needs to be an even restrictive criteria while appointing new officers.


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