I&I Lahore seizes smuggled goods worth Rs465.89 million in April

LAHORE: Customs Intelligence and Investigation Lahore has made seizures valuing Rs465.896 million by framing 26 seizures during the month of April 2021, comprising of both Range Office Lahore and Gujranwala.

It is relevant to share that ASO of l&I-Customs Lahore, so far in the ensuing fiscal year has made seizures worth of Rs4.651.325 million by framing 236 seizures.

In addition to ASO performance, the Enforcement branch also performed exceptionally well when compared to last year performance.

During the month of April 2021, the Enforcement branch made out 05 cases involving Rs24.298 million as duty and taxes. It is relevant to share that Enforcement branch of l&I-Customs Lahore so far in the ensuing fiscal year has made contravention/seizure cases worth of Rs3.035 billion as duty and taxes by framing 73 contraventions/seizures.

On the directives of Director Asad Raza Arizvi, Additional Director Hasan Farid rendered unremitting and strenuous efforts to intercept the smuggling of contraband goods and vehicles despite the fact that the Directorate has shortage of human and financial resources.

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