KARACHI: As you are well aware that the FPCCI Elections 2021 is to be conducted on 30 December 2020, and Customs Agents Alliance of Karachi Customs Agents Association has expressed their support for Businessmen Panel (BMP).

Customs Agents Alliance of Karachi Customs Agents Association is victorian since last 12 years and given the best leadership to the business community.

The role of FPCCI is being considered by the high level authorities and their recommendations are approving on day to day problem and on long term economic policies.

It is pertinent to mention here that the current  office bearers of FPCCI under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Mian Anjum Nisar having excellent performance to resolve issues of business community even in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, in view of hardworking being extended by the current team of FPCCI, the Customs Agents Alliance has supported BMP as their candidates having vast experience to handle economic problems.

Customs Agents Alliance was founded by Haji Asif, and the Alliance has been representing the community since then Haji Asif said Alliance represented over 90 percent of the Customs Agents.

The Alliance supporting BMP include Wasiq Hussain Khan President 2020-2021 Karachi Customs Agents Association; Shahnawaz A. Sattar Chairman Customs Agents Alliance; Mqqbool Ahmed Malik Vice Chairman Customs Agents Alliance; Javed Hahsmi Vice Chairman Customs Agents Alliance; Irfan Rashidi Vice Chairman Customs Agents Alliance; Sajjad Khan Vice Chairman Customs Agents Alliance; Saifullah Khan Former President KCAA; Mohammqd Younus Soomro Former President KCAA; Iftikhar Ahmed Sheikh Former President KCAA; Qamar Alam Former President KCAA; Khurram Ejaz Former President KCAA; Faisal Mushtaq Former President KCAA; Mohammad Amin Essani Former President KCAA and Yahya Mohammad Former President KCAA.

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