ISLAMABAD: A full delegation of cardiovascular physicians and surgeons from the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, a leading center of medical excellence in the United Arab Emirates, highlighted the latest innovations in heart and vascular health at the 49th annual Cardiocon event recently.

Dr. E. Murat Tuzcu, Chief Academic Officer and the Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine in the hospital’s Heart & Vascular Institute, and Dr. Faisal Hasan, a seasoned Interventional Cardiologist and Vice Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine opined that Pakistan had progressed well in medicine and they would exchange ideas and best practice with their peers about the changing needs of the patient needs in this region – Pakistan and the Middle East.

Dr. Tuzcu is an internationally recognized expert in the emerging field of heart valve repair and replacement and treats patients from all around the world; whereas Dr. Faisal Hasan is specialized in minimally invasive complex cardiac and vascular procedures, following his initial medical training at the Aga Khan University Medical College in Karachi.

Dr. Hasan while talking to the media said, “we are here for the first time Pakistan and are happy to see the quality of care available here with the limited resources. We are here to foster collaboration in research and education, work together to further relevant education and focus on the needs of the patient community in Pakistan. There is global progress and therefore, it is time to bring the latest innovations and research in cardiovascular medicine and surgery to Pakistan.

The President of Pakistan, H.E. Mr. Arif Alvi, who inaugurated CardioCon 2019 last week reiterated in his remarks that Pakistan needs prevention, treatment is necessary, but the focus should be on prevention.

Physicians covered a range of topics, including treatments for high risk patients, structural heart disease, and new vascular approaches for saving the limbs of patients at risk of amputation.

The Heart & Vascular Institute is one of the five Centers of Excellence at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. Led by some of the world’s most respected physicians and surgeons, it offers basic diagnostic to cutting-edge treatments including minimally invasive and robotic cardiac surgery.  The Institute was the first in the Middle East to introduce transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) as an alternative to traditional open-heart valve replacement surgery – TAVR is one of the key innovations being discussed at Cardiocon this week.