OSLO: Royal Dutch Shell has awarded Black Sea 3D seismic acquisition contract to Shearwater GeoServices, which is a GC Rieber Shipping’s 20% owned geoservices company.

The survey covers an area of approximately 600 sqkm in the western Black Sea. The one-month project will commence in Q4 2019 and will be conducted by the Polar Empress.

Polar Empress is an advanced seismic vessel with 22 streamers and ice-class 1A. The vessel is owned by Shearwater Geoservices and GC Rieber Shipping is responsible for technical management.

The vessel is a further development of GC Rieber Shipping’s design, currently used for Polar Duke and Polar Duchess. She is designed for global trading and particularly suitable for seasonal trading in demanding waters.

GC Rieber Shipping’s business within offshore/shipping includes ownership in specialized vessels, high quality marine ship management and project development within the segments subsea, ice/support and marine seismic.

The group has a specialized competence in offshore operations in harsh environments as well as design, development and maritime operation of offshore vessels. GC Rieber Shipping currently operates 13 and has direct and indirect ownership in 22 advanced special purpose vessels for defined markets within the subsea, ice/support and marine seismic segments.

The company has its headquarter and a ship management office in Bergen, and an additional 50% ship management company in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia).