BRISBANE: Novonix Limited’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Novonix BTS was the winner of the Award for Innovation at the 17th Annual Discovery Awards held in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Friday night, 22 November 2019.

The Discovery Awards (hosted by the Halifax Discovery Center) is Atlantic Canada’s most prestigious science recognition event, held annually in Halifax and is the only event dedicated to recognizing achievements in Nova Scotia specifically in the field of science and technology.

Each year, members are inducted into the Discovery Center Hall of Fame and awards are given in the categories of Youth, Professional of Distinction, Emerging Professional and Innovation. This year, Novonix received the Innovation award for its work in the field of lithium-ion battery testing and development.

Dr Chris Burns, CEO of Novonix BTS said that it was a great thing to be recognized in our community for the outstanding work the team does every day. “We had an opportunity to start a business around new testing technology and have now grown to so much more with development of new equipment, cell assembly and consulting work and new materials development with the team at PURE graphite as well as our contract research with Dr. Mark Obrovac’s lab at Dalhousie University,” Dr Burns said.

NOVONIX Managing Director, Phil St Baker said that the recognition of the accomplishments and capabilities of the Novonix BTS team demonstrates the importance of BTS to NOVONIX and its anode production business, PURE graphite.

“Novonix BTS is our center of excellence which we are encouraging to continue to develop and evaluate new materials, work with major battery makers and OEMs and potentially incubate new technologies for commercialization, all while continuing to provide industry leading charger equipment to companies around the world,” Mr St Baker said.