SYDNEY: AppsVillage Australia Ltd, a SaaS solutions provider for small and medium businesses, has partnered with Lumi Financial Management Pty Ltd to drive revenue and operational growth, and offer micro-finance loans backed by Lumi to its Australian based SMB customers.

Lumi is a leading Australian based lender that provides micro-finance services and loans ranging between $5,000 and $200,000 to Australian small-to-medium businesses. AppsVillage has a large and rapidly growing network of SMB’s in Australia and is aggressively implementing its growth strategy to increase its Australian footprint and drive strong revenue growth.

Pursuant to the terms of the agreement, AppsVillage will market and generate sales of Lumi’s financial products to its existing SMB customers via an in-app option within the app created by SMBs using the AppsVillage platform.

AppsVillage will receive a percentage of the funding value as an additional revenues stream. AppsVillage will shortly be integrating the Lumi offering into its platform to provide a quick and simple financing product to its SMB customers in Australia and the Company is in the process of finalising its marketing strategy to aggressively target and secure sales from its existing extensive Australian database.

Partnering with Lumi provides AppsVillage further diversified revenue generation potential and demonstrates the Company’s commitment to delivering on its growth strategy of partnering with leading companies to provide simple growth solutions for Australian SMBs.

Yanir Yakutiel, CEO of Lumi comments: “Lumi was created with a vision to provide fast, transparent finance to businesses that wanted to scale and realise their dreams. Obtaining the finance to grow your business shouldn’t be a lengthy or complex process. We’re seeing small businesses in a vast variety of sectors flourish, but Australian banks simply aren’t agile enough to deliver finance where it’s needed most. Working together with AppsVillage, we’ll be able to further our vision and deliver finance to SMBs when it’s needed, through a platform they know and love.”