Etalon Group Named one of Russia’s Top-50 Employers

MOSCOW: Forbes Russia has named ETALON GROUP PLC as one of the top-50 employers in Russia. Etalon is one of Russia’s largest and longest-established development and construction companies.

Etalon Group was the only development and construction company named in the ranking, demonstrating the Company’s success at implementing sustainable development goals in its work with employees and the development of human capital.

Forbes created the rating using a combination of online search data, polling of jobseekers and data from companies. The rating takes into account the priorities of people looking for jobs in Russia and combines that with verified data from the companies themselves.

Some of the key criteria for the ranking included salary levels, workplace conditions, social guarantees, in-house training and development opportunities, development of infrastructure in areas of operation, brand recognition, environmental protection and corporate charitable giving.

One of Etalon Group’s priorities under its strategy for sustainable development is to attract and retain high-quality staff, as well as growing talents by investing in training and development programmes and offering competitive compensation packages. Some of the Company’s key initiatives include in-house training, programmes to attract promising young employees, implementing leading-edge workplace health & safety measures, supporting diversity and equal opportunities, and seeking employee feedback through surveys for line employees and managers.

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