TOKYO: Lifenet Insurance Company will launch sales of new whole-life medical products Jibun 3 and Jibun 3 for Women on December 1, 2019.

According to a survey conducted by the Japan Institute of Life Insurance (JILI), the highest demand is for enrollment in insurance that offers coverage for treatment and hospitalization for illnesses and injuries.

Lifenet has sold Jibun whole-life medical insurance to cover hospitalization and surgery for illnesses and injuries since the company was first launched in 2008. The company launched New Jibun and New Jibun for Women offering whole-life medical insurance that also covers cancer treatment and advanced medical care in 2014, enabling LIFENET to meet the needs of customers for medical protection.

Advances in medical technology have increased the percentage of short-term hospital stays of five days or less in recent years, reaching approximately 36% in 2017 and also made outpatient surgery possible.

Customers are now demanding insurance that provides coverage for short-term hospitalization and surgery when they return home on the same day. Lifenet has reflected the feedback from customers to keep pace with the changing environment in these new products, enhancing the protection provided by these new medical products, which will be the first new wholelife medical products launched in five years.