Boku partners with global mobile telecom group to provide mobile identity verification |

Boku partners with global mobile telecom group to provide mobile identity verification

LONDON: Boku Inc., the world's leading independent direct carrier commerce company, has entered into a partnership with a global mobile telecommunications group (The Partner) to provide mobile identity verification capabilities. As part of the agreement, Boku will integrate directly with the Partner's global hub, enabling any of the Partner's mobile network operators worldwide to connect with Boku's Identity platform through a single connection. The mobile identity verification provided by Boku will enable the Partner's mobile subscribers to enjoy silent, frictionless verification and authentication processes across every mobile interaction with Boku's global merchant portfolio. This strategic partnership represents a growing trend of mobile network operators recognising that the mobile phone is poised to become not only the default discovery mechanism for consumers, but also the primary device on which they interact with global businesses. Stuart Neal, Chief Business Officer, Boku Identity, commented: "Consumers are constantly looking for easier frictionless ways to interact on mobile.  This agreement will see us continue to build on our strong relationship with this Partner, enabling their operators to seamlessly integrate identity verification. "For the Partner, it will deepen their relationship with their customers by enabling them to interact and transact in a natural and convenient way.  This is another endorsement of Boku's strategy to touch every mobile interaction and whilst progress on Identity has been slower than we initially would have liked, this agreement is yet another indicator of the exciting opportunity ahead of us."
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