Oxley Holdings form subsidiary Fund in Singapore

SINGAPORE: The Board of Directors of Oxley Holdings Limited has  announced  that  the  Group  has  incorporated  a  subsidiary  in  Singapore, namely,  Oxley  Singapore  Opportunistic  Development  Fund  Ltd.,  with  an  initial issued and paid-up share capital  of S$1 held by Oxley  Fund Management Pte.  Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group.

The incorporation of the Subsidiary is in line with the Group’s business plans.  The incorporation of the Subsidiary was funded by internal resources and is not expected to have any material  impact  on  the  net  tangible  assets  per  share  or  earnings  per  share  of  the  Company  for  the current financial year ending 30 June 2019.

None  of  the  Directors  or  controlling  shareholders  of  the  Company  has  any  interest,  directly  or indirectly, in the aforesaid transaction, save through his shareholding (if any) in the Company.[the_ad id=”31605″]

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