MCC Exports Port Qasim notifies round the clock import facilities for KEPZ

KARACHI: MCC Exports Port Qasim has notified round the clock (24×7) import facilities for the containers/consignments meant for Karachi Export Promotion Zone (KEPZ).

All KEPZ investors have been advised to submit their import documents in Facilities Division for authentication and approval.

Responsibilities of investors, clearing agents:

All investors or their authorized clearing agents shall ensure submission of import documents in the facility division of KEPZ on daily basis till 03:00 PM.

For Customs formalities at gate-in, it would be the sole responsibility of the investor that their clearing agents are present at the time of entry of consignment/container with all the requisite import documents so that the vehicles are allowed entry into the Zone on real time basis.

Any container left outside the KEPZ gate or enroute either due to non-availability of clearing agent or other codal formalities, the investor shall be penalized for non-compliance of entry into the Zone beside delay in clearance.

The clearing agent shall present weighment slips of empty vehicles along with weighment slip obtained at the EPZA weighbridge prior to examination.

Clearing agents shall get the GD entered in the examination register at Examination hall of the KEPZ Custom House with its GD No. and date and time along with weighment slip details for examination of the sealed container/consignment.

The investor will be solely responsible to take the vehicle to the examination area.

Role of SPS posted at main gate of KEPZ:

After gate-in is allowed by EPZA, the preventive staff posted at main gate of KEPZ after due verification of seal/tracker and verification of designated escort shall allow entry of consignment/container into the zone.

The SPS KEPZ shall submit a daily report of consignments, containers gate-in into the zone followed by a weekly reconciliation report in juxtaposition to the container dispatched from different ports.

In case of any dispatched consignments destined for KEPZ is not arrived/received the matter shall be immediately brought to the notice of Deputy Collector EPZ.

The deployed staff by Preventive shall ensure movement of cargo into the Customs examination area in the queue.

The seal and tracker shall remain intact till examination proceedings are initiated by the authorized officer posted at KEPZ and shall be removed in his presence.

Responsibilities of M/s TPL Trakker Limited:

In line with the instructions and parameters defined by the regulatory Preventive Collectorate, the TPL Trakker shall ensure to implement the tracking formalities in letter and spirit.

M/s TPL Trakker shall ensure affixation of tracker prior to departure of the container and re-cast time for trip duration from East/West Wharf observed as 4 hours while in case of transportation from Port Qasim it would not be more than 2 hours.

Any delay or route deviation or any other incidence occurred enroute shall be intimated on real time basis and alert to that effect shall be generated for the relevant authorities.

M/s TPL Trakker shall generate daily statement of all the containers indicating their departure and arrival time in the Zone followed by weekly reconciliation report dispatched/arrived consignments/containers to the SPS gate and to the Deputy Collector KEPZ.

Role of Examination Staff at KEPZ:

The Appraising Officer shall ensure that details of the Goods Declaration (GD) are duly recorded in the examination register as endorsed by the concerned clerk on the reverse of the GD and weighment slips are attached with GD.

Prior to examination the Appraising Officer shall ensure that Customs seals and trackers are intact which shall be removed in his presence and examination is carried out on first come first serve basis.

In case of non presence of concerned clearing agents the vehicle shall be removed to the end of queue beside penalizing the investor/clearing agent for creating hurdles in the smooth examination process. [the_ad id=”31605″]

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