Peshawar Customs seize smuggled cloth worth Rs40 million |

Peshawar Customs seize smuggled cloth worth Rs40 million

KARACHI: MCC Peshawar and Customs Intelligence Peshawar seized four trucks in a joint operation from Haroon Market Hayatabad and recovered foreign origin smuggled cloth worth Rs40 million. In accordance with the directions of FBR to implement a crackdown against smuggled goods across the country Collector Peshawar Saeed Jadoon and Director Customs Intelligence Peshawar Dr. Arsalan Subuctageen formed a joint raiding team headed by Additional Director Dr. Wajid Khan and Deputy Collector Najeeb Arjumand. Subsequently, Deputy Collectors Tahir Iqbal Khatak, Obaid Khan along with Superintendent Imtiaz Khan, Inspectors Ziaulhaq, Aziz Khan, Shahzad along with ASP Waqar Kharal, SHO Hayatabad Ayub Khan and the team raided warehouses in Haroon Market housing smuggled cloth. Four trucks full commodity worth Rs40 million approximately was taken into custody and further investigations are under way. According to details, foreign origin goods are smuggled into the country and stored at these warehouses. Subsequently, these smuggled goods are transported to Peshawar and other cities of the country through trucks, buses, cars and motorcycle-rickshaws.
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