Recruitment/Promotion method: Court orders FBR to consider representation of Preventive Service Officers Association

KARACHI: Sindh High Court has advised Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to consider the representation of Preventive Service Officers Association on its merits under the order of the court within two months.

The Association prayed to the court to declare SRO 202(I)/2015 and SRO 377(I)/2015 and a subsequent letter be declared as issued being unlawful and restore the method of recruitment and promotion in the service before issuance of the said SROs. Association also prayed to restrain FBR for acting on the basis of impugned SROs and the subsequent letter.

FBR through impugned SRO 202(I)2015 changed method of appointment and promotion and certain cadres of FBR were declared dying unit and chances of promotion of such category to next cadre were minimized. IPS cadre has been diminished/eliminated. Moreover, FBR through impugned SRO No. 377(I)/2015 brought in the Recruitment Rules for appointment to the post of BS-16 in Customs under the FBR. The post of IPS has been declared dying cadre eliminating chance of promotion to next cadre and the vacating IPS posts are converted into Preventive Officer (BS-16).

FBR issued on 06-11-2015 formal notification stating that Dy. Superintendent Customs/Senior Intelligence Officer having BS-15 now BS16 have been declared as dying cadre post, Inspector Customs/Intelligence Officer BS-14 was stated to have been upgraded to BS-16, Inspector Preventive Service BS-15 now BS-16 also declared as dying cadre post, Preventive Officer post was upgraded from BS-14 to BS-16 and further 03 posts Appraiser B-15, Examiner BS-14 and Valuation Officer having BS-15, BS-14 & BS-15 were upgraded to BS-16 and further were merged and renamed as Appraising/Valuation Officer.

FBR through a series of notifications amended Rules destructing the whole structure of Preventive Officers Service carrier and caused serious disorder and mental torture  to the employees. The Association made representation forwarded to the FBR highlighting that the said amendments eliminated promotion opportunities for the employees waiting for their next turn of promotion after passing through a long hectic journey.  However, FBR has not given due consideration to this important issue and not given due consideration to this important issue.

The Association approached Sindh High Court for setting at naught at the notification mentioned above and restoring the earlier method of appointment and channel of promotion like past which were governed by SRO 400(I)/93, which provided inspectors/superintendents/officers quota in promotion to Inspector Preventive Service (IPS), in BS-16, having five years service at their credit serving in BS-14.

Preventive Service Officers Association placed their presentation before FBR requesting to review the contents of the impugned SROs with the consultation and input of Collector MCC Preventive and the Association.

Sindh High Court has advised Chairman FBR to consider the representation of Preventive Service Officers Association if the same is found to be legally entertainable in accordance with law, rules and regulations within two months.

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