Abnormal transfer of Director Customs Intelligence Multan raises eyebrows

KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has transferred Dr. Mohammad Adnan (BS-20) from the office of Director Customs Intelligence & Investigation Multan to the office of Director of Training & Research (Customs), Lahore.

The transfer order has sent a wave of discomfort through the entire Pakistan Customs Service (PCS). According to details Dr. Mohammad Adnan Akram notified transfers and postings of his collectorate’s executive staff and sepoys on April 03, 2018. He moved total of 15 officials, reportedly to address the rising complaints of smuggling and involvement of officials in the menace.

However, a superseding notification issued from the office of Director General Customs Intelligence & Investigation Shaukat Ali dated April 04, 2018 suspended the transfers and postings notified by Dr. Mohammad Adnan. Moreover, Dr. Adnan, who was posted as Director Multan around two weeks ago was transferred on April 04, 2018 to the office of Director Training & Research, Lahore.

An official said Dr. Adnan had transferred all the officials who were well known for their involvement in illegal activities.

It may be recalled that one sepoy Aamir Shabbir has filed complaints with NAB pertaining to the rising smuggling and involvement of officers/officials in this regard.

Aamir Shabbir mentioned all these officials in his complaint to the NAB. He claimed that Director General I&I Shaukat Ali was patronizing smuggling and a retired official Mushtaq Sarghana was his front man calling shots in the Directorate General. He claimed that Shaukat Ali was also involved in liquor smuggling through M/s Al Hamd Container Terminal.

Smuggling is being patronized in Karachi as well. Director Customs Intelligence & Investigation, Karachi Fayyaz Anwer has become a powerless director while additional directors and deputy directors are directly reporting to the Director General, Shaukat Ali.

Customs Intelligence & Investigation Karachi is doing nothing but rounding up non-custom paid vehicles caught by police. Sources said the intelligence network in Karachi had been deliberately destroyed as seasoned intelligence official having sources in Karachi were put off the field including Superintendents Zafar Iqbal, Walayat Ali, Mairaj Alvi, Appraising Officer Fakhar Shah, Intelligence Officers Saud, Mohammad Sadiq, Akmal Hashmi, Wajid Raza, Tariq Bhutto.

Superintendent Mahar Rafiq is posted in Karachi after being transferred from Faisalabad. He is said to be the front man of Director General and enjoys unlimited authorities and jurisdiction including the entire anti-smuggling ranging through MCC Port Qasim, MCC Appraisement East, MCC Appraisement West and MCC Gwadar.

Mahar Rafiq’s team comprises of officials including Intelligence Officers Naseem Cheema, Khawaja Zia, Saeed Faroqui and Irfan Ghani have been transferred from directorates of Multan, Faisalabad etc. These officials are allegedly patronizing the smuggling, particularly of diesel, betel nut, auto parts etc.

Sources said officers and officials named to be involved in this mega corruption were frequently visiting Dubai as if they were getting their payments in Dubai. Sources said a senior politician and an advisor to Prime Minister was enabling the entire scam.

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