KARACHI: A Customs Appellate bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) on Monday asked Pakistan Customs  to follow the most recent judgment in petition challenging valuation enhancement cases and to release a consignment of animal hides by Qasim Brothers.

The bench earlier heard the counsel for petitioner who submitted that Pakistan Customs was assessing the animal hides on square foot purportedly on the basis of a letter by Pakistan Tanners Association. The counsel from Franklin Law Associates submitted that letter from any association could not have any bearing on the assessment of exportable/importable goods and that customs should assess the consignment on per kilogram basis. He also pointed out to the court the most recent judgment in 25-D cases.

The bench agreeing to the arguments by the petitioner’s side asked the Pakistan Customs to follow the principle settled in the said judgment in which it was held that associations has no role in determination of value of goods. The bench asked the customs to settle the issue before April 2, the next date of hearing in the case.