KARACHI: Director General, Valuation, Pakistan Customs filed Special Custom References (SCRA’s) challenging order passed by Special Customs Appellate Bench restraining the Valuation department from issuing a new Valuation Ruling in respect of door handles and locks.

The Special Customs Appellate Tribunal earlier on 20-6-2017 heard and decided appeals by Mian Trading, Kapa Enterprises, Solox International, Wahid Hardware Store and others in which DG Customs Valuation, Director,Valuation, Collector Custom Appraisement, MCC East, Port Muhammad Bin Qasim and Principal Appraiser Hafeez M Jokhio.

Impugning the common judgment by the appellate tribunal, Director Valuation in SCRA’s through Masooda Siraj and Sardar Zafar Hussain advocate, the appellant prays to the court to decide the law point that whether the Customs Tribunal in appellate jurisdiction has powers to restrain the department from issuing a new Valuation Ruling. The appellant further maintains that besides travelling beyond jurisdiction, Customs tribunal misread the Section 25–A ( 1) of the CustomsAct 1969 viz value to be determined as per method prescribed under the section mentioned above.

It was further maintained that new Valuation Ruling was necessitated and it replaced VR 697/2014 dated2-10-2014.

The appellant prays to the SHC to set aside the impugned order. The SCRA will likely be taken up on Wednesday or Thursday next.