KARACHI: Directorate of IPR Enforcement South has seized a consignment of counterfeit playing cards imported from China.

Director Mohammad Aamir and Deputy Director Hina Gul and Superintendent Mahmood Shah are keeping strict vigilance on the import and exports of goods so that flow of counterfeit and infringing goods could be checked.

M/s SS Corporation filed an IPR enforcement application on behalf of M/s Kuo Kau Paper Products, Taiwan, against a consignment of playing cards bearing trademark USAROYAL imported by M/s Hasni Traders, Lahore from China via MCC Appraisement West.

A joint examination of container no. YMLU3139570 was conducted by the representatives of MCC Appraisement West, Directorate of IPR Enforcement (South), Karachi, which found showed 116496 sets of allegedly infringing goods carrying trade mark USAROYAL.

Samples of the allegedly infringing goods were drawn from container and submitted to Directorate of IPR. Scrutiny of the allegedly infringing goods by this Directorate in the light of the application submitted by M/s SS Corporation found that ROYAL figures in the recordation database (IPO Pakistan repository of trademarks) as a trademark allotted to the right-holder M/s Kuo Kau  and USAROYAL doesn’t exist as a trademark as yet. The seized goods bearing trademark USAROYAL are deceptively similar to the original goods bearing trademark ROYAL in all aspects. The goods have been therefore seized.