KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has served a contravention report on M/s Chaudhry Steel Re-rolling Mills Pvt Ltd for attempting to evade government revenue through misdeclaring description of imported goods.

M/s Chaudhry Steel imported a consignment and sought clearance declaring the goods to be iron and steel remeltable and re-rollable scrap worth Rs 4.134 million. On the information of Collector Saeed Akram, the consignment was intercepted by R&D section. Additional Collector Yasin Murtaza and Deputy Collector Ehsanullah supervised the examination of the consignment conducted by PA Shahid Rizvi and AO Insaram Rabbani.

It was found the importer attempted to clear various iron and steel items in the garb of iron and steel scrap. The goods were found to be spotting beams, over size bars and pipes, L-Section, nuts, bolts, plates, slabs, washers and wire along with scrap worth Rs 20.836 million.

Had this willful offence gone undetected, the exchequer would have suffered a loss of Rs 16.701 million.

Contravention report has been framed for adjudication proceedings.