KARACHI: Despite all evidences, M/s E-Movers Pvt Ltd is escaping justice, as the owner of this notorious bonded carrier Mansoor Shaikh happens to be the brother of Chief Collector Appraisement South Abdul Rasheed Shaikh.

Collector Appraisement West had summoned Inspector Abdul Waheed from MCC Peshawar for a hearing pertaining to the suspension of license of M/s E-Movers Pvt Ltd on June 19, 2017.

Inspector informed during the hearing that Customs Adjudication had issued order against M/s E-Movers and fines and penalties were imposed as involvement of M/s E-Movers in replacement of transshipment cargo had been established. However, M/s E-Movers is still in business and operating as usual.

Sources said Collector MCC Appraisement West Shahnaz Maqbool had blocked the license of M/s E-Movers Pvt Ltd, but her position had been rendered authority-less because of the interference of Chief Collector.

Chief Collector Abdul Rasheed Shaikh is actually practicing the authorities of a collector and personally running the collectorates.

As far as MCC Appraisement West is concerned one Additional Collector and a Deputy Collector under the supervision of Chief Collector Appraisement South are bypassing the authority of Collector MCC Appraisement West. The said Additional Collector in connivance with a clearing agent cleared a consignment of watches and glasses and the same were assessed at very lower values. Prior to that a container of LED TVs were cleared, which actually were declared as computer monitors.

Sources said a large number of contravention reports have been withdrawn on the directives of Chief Collector in the name of trade facilitation while actually were withdrawn to protect unscrupulous importers.