KARACHI: Customs Intelligence & Investigation has identified three importers namely M/s SMD Sons Pvt ltd, Karachi; M/s M.A Corporation, Lahore and Power Industries, Karachi who were indulged in smuggling of Kerosene oil in garb of White spirit for last two years.

Directorate General of intelligence and Investigation, Islamabad provided a tip off, in pursuit thereof of Director I&I Custom Enforcement, Karachi Samina Tasleem Zehra assigned the task to the Additional Director and Deputy Director Shah Faisal Sahu for proper investigation.

The matter was thoroughly visited and discreetly followed and information was found correct and consignments were accordingly detained, samples were drawn for testing from Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan and they confirmed the samples as Kerosene oil instead of White Spirit.

FIRs have been lodged and efforts are being made to arrest the delinquents.