KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has advised M/s Multi Tech Corporation to file Goods Declaration (GD) for their cosmetics and toiletries consignment so that goods may be taken into bonded warehouse in compliance with the direction of Sindh High Court.

M/s Multi-Tech had filed a petition before the High Court seeking re-export of a consignment of cosmetics and toiletries worth $6.61 million.

M/s Multi-Tech imported a consignment of cosmetics, toiletries, etc from UAE at declared invoice value of $6.61 million and filed their GD for clearance of goods for home consumption. The GD was processed and handed over to the authorized customs agent of the importer/petitioner for the payment of assessed amount duties and taxes, which is about Rs60 million.

Subsequently, instead of clearing the goods after payment of the duties and taxes, as assessed, nearly after a month the petitioner/importer, approached the authorities for re-export of the goods as per Para-10(g) of the Export Policy Order, 2004 without giving any cogent reason.

The high Court vide interim order allowed shifting of consignment from port area to bonded warehouse. “the further disposal of the consignment shall remain subject to the order of court and the fact that by way of interim relief the goods are allowed to be taken into bond shall not, in any circumstances create any right in favor of the petitioner (M/s Multi-Tech),” Sindh high Court noted.

Accordingly, MCC Appraisement East allowed cancelation of GD filed by M/s Multi-Tech. However, into-bond GD filed by the clearing agent of M/s Multi-Tech unilaterally altered from ‘AP’ to ‘payment by agreement’.

Since, Court has allowed that goods may be taken into bond without any direction regarding any changes in the particulars of GD, M/s Multi-Tech is advised to file GD as per original declaration.

M/s Multi-Tech owned by the family of a senator belonging to ruling party is facing investigations pertaining to money laundering.