KARACHI: MCC Gwadar has recovered a large quantity of charas/hashish concealed under the mud and bushes in an offshore area worth Rs11.8 million.

Information was received by the Collector of Customs Gwadar Feroz Alam Junejo that a huge quantity of foreign origin narcotics will be smuggled from Afghanistan through Quetta to a foreign destination via fishing boats from the Makran Coastal Belt. The Assistant Collector (Preventive), MCC, Gwadar was directed to make all out efforts to ensure that the attempt of smuggling is thwarted.

In the area pointed out by the informer, mobile squad Khurkhera cordoned off the katcha area near Goggi Bandar 50 Kms away from Zero point and carried out search of the area. After hectic efforts, team found 08 bags stuffed with high quality Charas / Hashish weighting 148 KGs valuing Rs11.8 million, which was clandestinely concealed under the mud and bushes in an offshore area.

The narcotics was seized on the spot and brought to Custom House, Gaddani. FIR in the case is being lodged and further investigations are underway.

Collector Gwadar Feroz Alam Junejo has information that contrabands are buried at various places as a normal practice and the same are recovered when needed. Junejo has issued directives to further strengthen the intelligence system.

Sources said that MCC Gwadar will be submitting the report to the authorities recommending a sweeping operation wherein detection instruments could be used to detect contrabands buried under ground could be recovered.