KARACHI: Over 11,000 containers are lying at various container terminals in Karachi awaiting removal, but these have not been auctioned because of higher reserve price. This has aggravated the situation at ports increasing congestion because Afghan border is closed and consignments meant for Afghanistan are not moving.

These containers are lying since year 2000 and these goods have lost value with time and erosion, but still the reserve price of these goods are the same as of the new goods. The officers at Pakistan Customs are reluctant to take the stand and they do not forward these goods for auction.

The value of the goods confiscated or unclaimed is quite higher in the books and these goods cannot fetch that price. An official said the value of the goods or the reserve price should be determined as per the condition of goods and their market value. Unless, these goods are valued realistically, no officer will auction the goods.

These containers also contain goods which cannot be openly auction such as scrap tyres, chemicals, batteries etc.

There is a need that a centralized system should be formed for the auction of confiscated and unclaimed goods and such goods should be removed to one designated place from terminals to avoid port congestion.

As many as 2800 containers excluding Afghan transit cargo are lying at KICT and PICT, 5600 containers are lying at QICT including 3200 containers of Afghan transit trade while 166 containers are lying at Al-Hamd Container Terminal.