Classification Committee determines PCT code for Indian soft drinks

KARACHI: The Customs Classification Committee has determined the PCT code 2202.1010 as appropriate for the classification of soft drinks imported from India.

MCC Preventive Lahore forwarded a reference to the Classification Committee for determination of classification of ‘Soft Drinks’, imported from India by M/s Universal Enterprises, Lahore with five different brand names in retail sale packing, under declared PCT Code 2202.9000, claiming the benefit of SAFTA.

The Collectorate changed the PCT Code of impugned goods in the light of Lab reports, ingredients printed on packing of the products, physical samples and Explanatory Notes to the H.S. Code.

Importer, however, contested the classification of Frooti, APPY and Appy Fizz brands.

Chairman Classification Committee Additional Collector Haris Ansari took up the issue to determine whether the soft drinks with brand name “Frooti, Appy and Appy Fizz” are appropriately classifiable under PCT Code 2202.9000, as claimed by the importer, or under PCT Code 2202.1090 and 2202.1010, as determined by the Collectorate or under any other relevant heading.

The team headed by Additional Collector Haris Ansari and comprising Deputy Collectors Rizwan Mehmood and Dr. Shahzad, Principal Appraiser Bahadur Khan and Muzaffar Rizvi, Appraising Officers Safdar Zaman, Saeed Soomro and Masroor Kazi deliberated the case in detail.

The Customs Classification Committee is of the opinion that soft drinks imported from India under brand names “Frooti, Appy and Appy Fizz” are appropriately classifiable under PCT Code 2202.1010.

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