SHC moved against “Valuation Guideline” by mobile charger and HDML cable importers

KARACHI: Two petitions were filed by importers of mobile chargers and HDML cable against Pakistan Customs, Valuation before High Court of Sindh. The petitions are fixed for hearing on Tuesday next.

R.H. Enterprises filing the petition through Ghulamullah advocate maintained that it imports mobile phone chargers from China and Customs was clearing the consignment at a rate of US $ 12 cents per piece but suddenly they issued a Valuation Guideline and raised custom duty, taxes to 70 cents per piece which translate into 500-600 per cent raise.

In another petition filed by Yahoo Corporation, importer of HDML cable it was maintained that previously Customs was taking a duty of US  $ 2 per cable but suddenly started charging US $ 9 per cable which again is 400-500 per cent raise.

The counsel maintains that Customs Valuation is bound to issue a Valuation Ruling after exhausting procedure according to section 25 of the Customs Act 1969. The superior court has already declared Valuation Guidelines illegal, it was maintained while praying to the court to declare the valuation guideline as illegal and also increased rate of custom duty and taxes as illegal being issued in violation of section 25 of Customs Act 1969.

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