KARACHI: Prime Minister has approved the revised Assistance Package for Government employees, who die in service, with effect from February 09, 2015.

A lump sum grant of Rs600,000 for the families of civilian employees of BS-1 to BS-4; lump sum grant of Rs900,000 for the families of civilian employees of BS-5 to BS-10; lump sum grant of Rs1.2 million for the families of civilian employees of BS-11 to BS-15; lump sum grant of Rs1.5 million for the families of civilian employees of BS-16 & BS-17; lump sum grant of Rs2.4 million for the families of civilian employees of BS-18 & BS-19 and Rs3.0 million for the families of officers ofBS-20 and above has been approved.

While Rs3.0 million for the families of government employees of BS-1 to BS-16 in case of security related deaths, the lump sum grant will be Rs5.0 million for BS17 officers, Rs9.0 million for BS-18 & BS-19 officers and Rs10 million for officers of BS-20 and above.

Moreover, 100 percent pension to the families of a deceased Government servants as per their length of service and last pay drawn is also approved. In case of less than 10 years service of the deceased employees, rate of minimum 10 years service will be applicable.

The revised assistance package includes retention of Government house or payment of rent of hired house fill the age of superannuation as well as free education to all the children of the deceased government employees up to graduation in any public/government educational institution including expenses of tuition fee, books related material and living allowances etc.

The assistance package also includes employment for posts in BS-01- to BS-15 on two years contract without advertisement; Marriage grant amounting to Rs0.8 million on wedding of one daughter, may be granted to family of deceased Government employees.

An officer of BS-17 or BS-18 may be nominated by each Ministry/Division/Department as council who will be responsible for finalization/provision of all the facilities under the package, to the families of Govt. employees who die in service within one month of the incident.

In case of in service death of a government employee, the following pre-requisites must immediately be fulfilled by the concerned Ministry/Division/Department so that the family of the deceased government employee may be facilitated without any delay:- a. Immediate submission of family pension case; b. Option form for Direct Credit Scheme (online payment of pension); c. Application for Anticipatory Pension (80% of the total pension); d. Up to date list of family members of each employee for pension purpose be maintained before hand; e. Nomination for General Provident Fund must be ensured for each employee in his/her life.

The Prime Minister has also approved that relevant recruitment rules may be appropriately amended to provide for appointments of family members under the instant package and a death will be deemed to be a “Security Related death” if it occurs due to a terrorist act or while combating or confronting the terrorist(s), irrespective of the fact that the victim was member of Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) or a Civilian employee. Death of a member of LEA due to a cause, other than a terrorist act, will be classified as an “In-service death.