KARACHI: The Directorate General of Transit Trade has submitted the final challan before the Court of Special Judge (Customs & Taxation) in the case pertaining to the clearance of banned/undeclared goods through misuse of transit trade facility.
The accused include absconders Muhammad Wali and Sardar Ali of M/s Zubair Wali Ahmed Zai Limited and Haji Toor Gul of M/s Universal Custom Clearing Agents while Akmal Mehmood Paracha of M/s Akmal Rafay International is on bail.
According to details, M/s. Zubair Wali Ahmed Zai Ltd, an Afghan based importer filed a GD through their authorized Clearing and Forwarding Agent M/s. Akmal Rafay International for transit of a consignment said to contain Ladder, Radio, Electric Drill and Plastic Bottles imported from China.
The said GD was selected for examination and the examination staff found undeclared and restricted items including Liquor concealed in the cartons (Beer 3744 cans) valued at $7392 and Auto Parts valued at $ 1750 total valuing $ 9142 which were banned in terms of SRO 151 (1)/2004 besides other undeclared items including invertors, polyester/cotton jackets, perfumes, electrical cutting machines, electrical switches, iron TR guarders and assorted drill machines etc.,.
Importers M/s. Zubai Wali Ahmed Zai Ltd in connivance with the clearing agent M/s. Akmal Rafay International had attempted to smuggle contraband and banned goods by way of misdeclaration and concealment in the garb of transit goods.
An FIR was lodged and accused Akmal Mehmood Paracha after obtaining bail before arrest from High Court of Sindh appeared before the Investigating Officer and submitted his written statement.
The perusal of aforementioned statement of accused Akmal Mehmood Paracha reveals that he received import documents from Haji Toor Gul an employee of M/s. Universal Custom Clearing Agents, Peshawar as representative of importer M/s. Zubair Wali Ahmed Zai Limited, Afghanistan. The above named accused contended that consignment does not contain any banned items taking further plea that the consignment contained parts of Drill Machine.
Whereas, factual and legal position is that Alcoholic Beer and Auto Parts are banned for Afghanistan under Transit Trade.
The Challan notes that all the accused nominated in the final challan jointly attempted to abuse and misuse transit trade facility with a view to get clearance of banned items and undeclared goods.