KARACHI: The Ministry of Commerce has advised the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to release the held up plastic scrap consignments.

The Ministry had received several requests for release of consignments of plastic scrap imported in violation of SRO 149(I)/2015.

The Ministry has decided to waive off the conditions stipulated in SRO 149(I)/2015. The condition of pre-shipment is relaxed to the extent that a post shipment certificate from any of the companies listed with Import Policy Order will be furnished to the Customs authorities to the effect that the imported consignment does not contain any hazardous waste.

However, this decision of Ministry of Commerce is applicable to only those consignments which have been detained by Customs up till October 02, 2015.

Over 400 containers of plastic scrap are detained at Appraisement South, NLCT, Lahore ad Multan dry ports including 250 at MCC Port Qasim.

It was learnt the importers are unable to lift the goods as demurrage and detention has gone so high. Importers say that they will approach Ministry of Port and Shipping to waive demurrage and detention.