KARACHI: The Directorate General of Customs Valuation has rejected the revision petition filed against the Customs values of ‘Infusion Giving Set’ determined vide Valuation Ruling No. 741/2015.

According to details, M/s Pakistan Chemist & Druggist Association Karachi submitted that the values determined were very strict and should be reconsidered.

Association maintained that these products were life-saving, though not considered in Valuation, but it ultimately affect the market adding that these products were mainly imported and local manufacturing does not cover even 10 percent of the total market.

Department was of the view that customs values were determined after detailed working i.e. market survey, values checked through on-line and Stakeholders were also associated for their input and feedback.

The Department maintained that the importers were not declaring the complete description of goods whether the infusion giving set with or without Burette, which suggests misdeclaration.

Director General Sameera Nazir Khan noted in the absence of valid import documents, the burden, to prove correctness of transaction value shifts to the importers/petitioner.

Non-submission of valid import documents clearly manifests that the Association/petitioners failed to substantiate their case with any conclusive evidence.