KARACHI: The Directorate of Post Clearance Audit (Customs) has detected revenue loss of Rs 3.5 million, which M/s Descon Engineering Limited Lahore evaded on account of availing inadmissible benefit of SRO 575(I)/2006.

According to the details, scrutiny of import data of M/s Descon Engineering revealed that they imported various consignments of machinery and spare parts and got them cleared from MCC Appraisement West and MCC Preventive availing inadmissible exemption of Customs duty as in excess of 5.0 percent under SRO 575(I)/2006, while the imported goods did not fall within the ambit of plant, machinery, equipment spares and accessories required for manufacture or production of any good.

Therefore, the imported goods were subject to statutory rate of Customs duty, sales tax and withholding tax. Thus and amount of Rs3.5 million has been evaded by M/s Descon Engineering.

Director PCA has prepared two contravention reports against M/s Descon Engineering, which have been forwarded for adjudication proceedings.