KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has advertised an open auction of plastic scrap (PVC Scrap), which was confiscated by the collectorate as the importers did not meet the basic requirements of SRO 149(I)/2015. However, the importers/owners of this PVC scrap have decided to approach High Court against the subject auction.

Around 400 containers of plastic scrap were confiscated as these did not the basic condition as envisaged in SRO 149(I)/2015.

Importers/owners of these goods are of the view that the persons intending to buy these goods in the auction also do not meet the requirements of the said SRO.

There should not be an open auction and there should be a specialized auction and only the persons meeting SRO 149(I)/2015 requirements and having environment certificate should be allowed to bid for these goods

According to importers if there is going to be an open auction then the original importers had the prime right on these goods.

It may be mentioned here that earlier these goods could be imported by commercial importers but the SRO 149(I)/2015 was imposed as a surprise move which requires that only industries having required quota and environment certificate can import these goods.

The sudden imposition of the said requirements is going to cause huge loss to these importers.

Importers of PVC scrap are of the view that the Ministry of Commerce should inform the importers prior to imposing any such restrictions so that the consignments in the pipeline would not stuck up and losses could be averted.

Sources said the said SRO was imposed without any consultation with the stakeholders and without proper procedure or information to the importers.

SRO 149(I)/2015 provides that plastic scrap importable by industrial consumers is subject to the fulfillment of environmental approval of plastic scrap recycling facility by the respective federal or provincial environmental protection agency (EPA) indicating the annual recycling capacity;

Annual environmental audit report duly approved by the respective EPAs;

Pre-shipment inspection in exporting country by any of the companies and such consignments will only be cleared from One Customs only.