KARACHI: The Directorate of Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) raided the office of M/s Bilal Associates in Clifton, Karachi and all the records, email history and computers were taken into possession. Analysis of the email history confirmed their direct involvement in the pilferage of US Army/NATO/ISAF cargo.

It may be recalled that manager of M/s Bilal Associates named Suhail is already under arrest. It was on his information that the raid was conducted, which is a big achievement pertaining to the ongoing investigations into the pilferage of US Army/NATO/ISAF cargo.

An official said that despite themselves being a bonded carrier, they used the name and license of M/s Port Connection for the transportation of US Army/NATO/ISAF cargo.

Director General Khawar Farid Manika, Director Wajid Ali and Deputy Director Shoib Raza after discussing the issue in at length, decided to make this raid.

ATT had arrested two persons including a broker of vehicles, Tikka Khan and Sohail of M/s Bilal Associates.

It may be mentioned here that the Directorate General of Transit Trade had lodged FIR pertaining to 21 containers of US Army/NATO/ISAF reverse cargo, which were emptied in the country, drivers of 11 vehicles on which these containers were loaded had also been arrested.

Intelligence sources said this is a very organized ring comprising of elements reported to be M/s Security Packers, M/s Bilal Associates and some leading bonded carriers. Sources said they were, despite having bonded carrier license, using the name and license of a smaller bonded carrier M/s Port Connection.

It was known that Shoib raza has been removed from investigations, sources said this decision was taken in the purview of threats Raza was receiving.

Chaudry Fazal Daad, Deputy Director I&P has been assigned this investigation, which according to officials, was a routine affair.

Sources said that the investigations had progressed quite fast and a large scale operation in this regard is expected in a couple of days.

The authorities have also found the places, where the looted goods had been kept. Sources said that the goods pilfered of NATO/ISAF cargo have been kept at various warehouses while the authorities have formed teams to raid these places.