Karachi : The Model Customs Collectorate intends to auction Fresh Lots of goods at office of the Deputy Collectors of Customs , PICT East Wharf, Karachi commencing from 14–05-2015 to onwards.

According to the details, the particulars of Fresh Lots of goods to be auctioned from Thursday May 14, 2015 to onwards of the following goods description and quantity:

GESU-2500289 =1×20’ Hexagon Head (Iron & Steel) Bolts & Nuts (Assorted Sizes), Galvanized Qty. 18000 Kgs Approx. (ii) Blade Painted Qty. 1800 Kgs Approx. 20600 Kgs, WHLU-2908195=1×20’ As Test Report: It is found to be nitrogen, chlorine, fluorine containing insecticidal active organic (Compound Propargyl). It is in the form of cream color powder. 5420 Kgs TCKU-2284524 =1×20’ As Test Report: It is found to be mineral grease based on mineral Hydrocarbon Thickened with calcium soap & other additives. It is in the form of light yellow color paste 80 Iron Drum net wt. 13700 Kgs Approx. 15180 Kgs UACU-5875759 =1×40’ (1) Second hand clothing (mixed) Qty. 19500 Kgs (2) Used Shoes Qty. 1180 Kgs App. 19680 Kgs, (1) UACU-5291890 (2)UACU-5142685(3)FSCU-6028160=3×40’ (1) Mixed Second Hand clothing Qty. 61800 Kgs App (2) Used Shoes Qty. 650 Kgs Approx. 62470 Kgs, (1)GATU-8460043 (2) SEGU-7315040 =2×40’ Boiler with super heater/air heater, cooling system with accessories and boiler maker No. CB1091, Manufacturing Year 2014 Capacity 52000 Kgs/HR Maximum Working pressure 78 Kgs/Cm2(g) Super Heater Out Pressure 67 Kg/Cm2(g) Super Heater Temperature 490+SC, Hydrostatic Test Pressure 117 Kg/Cm2(g) I/O China.  41210 Kgs

 MSKU-7159601=1×20’ Sheep Goat Skin, 201320 Kgs, TEMU-6305363=1×40’ Energy Saving Lamp (i)12Watt (Made of Packing 50 Pcs/Ctn Total Qty. 7000 Pcs (ii) 15 Watt (Made of Packing) 100 Pcs/Ctn Qty. 20000 Pcs (iii) 20 Watt (Made of Packing – 50 Pcs/ctn Qty. 6000 Pcs App (iv) 25 Watt (Made of Packing = 50 Pcs/Ctn T.Qty. 37000 Pcs App (v) 35 Watt (Made of Packing – 50 Pcs/Ctn T.Qty 900 Pcs App (vi) 45 Watt (Made of Packing =20 Pcs /CTN T.Qty. 1600 Pcs (vii) 85 Watt Made of Packing 12 Pcs/Ctn T.Qty. 600 Pcs Approx. 10380 Kgs, GATU-0597533=1×20’ As per Test Report: It is found to be Sesbania seed. It is in the form of yellowish brown ting seeds. 24060 Kgs, (1)WHLU-0353020 (2) WHLU-2783272.

(3)WHLU-2636857 =3×20’ As per Test Report: It is found to consist of polyol containing activator. It is in the form of colorless viscous liquid. 55470 Kgs, PCIU-8911981=1×40’ Professional Power Tool Hammer Drill (i) Mod YB-20, 220V, 500W Size 20mm ,0.850 R/Min Qty. 2140 Nos. Approx (ii) Mod YB-24, 220V, 620W, 24mm 870 RPM Qty. 5350 Nos. Approx (iii) Mod YB-26, 220V, 800 W , 26mm 900 RPM Qty. 235 Nos. Approx. (iv) Mod: HD-001, 200-240V, 800W, 26mm 900 RPM Qty. 575 Nos. Approx. (v) MOD HD 001, 220-240V, 620W 24mm 870 RPM Qty. 1225 Nos. Approx. Brand YES BOSS Net Wt. 21000 Kgs Approx. 23140 Kgs, TEMU-5529760=1X20’ Aseptic Packing Material for Liquid Food / Beverage (for Assorted Fruit Drink) base of Paper Board and Coated with Aluminum Foil, LDPE etc. and Laminated and Printed for “BFresh” Wt. 15500 Kgs. Approx. (ii) MPM-Strip (Plastic Strip) in Roll Wt. 150 Kgs Approx.    16170 Kgs, BMOU-2662688=1X20’ Decorative Printed Paper in Rolls (Assorted Design), Brand: “Splendecor” I/O China. 16470 Kgs, TGHU-6979779=1X40’, CSLU-1888141=1X20’ New Paddy Separator, 4kw, Qty 2 No., (ii) Suction Type Stoner 2X0.3 Qty 1 No., (ii) Vertical Emery Roll Rice Whitener 45-55kw Qty 4 No. 13435 Kgs,

SJCU-8339288=1X20’ Acetamiprid 20% SP (Ripe for Lab Test) 16330 KGS, WHLU-0426595=1X20’ ABS (HI-121H) Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (Ripe for Lab Test) 19000 Kgs, WFHU1322211=1X20’ CLODINAFOP PROPARGYL 15 % WP (Ripe for Lab Test) I/O India (Ripe for Lab Test) 9940 Kgs, GLDU-3093116=1X20’ Dextrose Anhydrous BP/USP Pyrogen Free Injectable Grade (Ripe for Lab Test) 23370 Kgs, THRU-3258180, TRHU-3258235, FSCU-7857397, CAIU-3345820=4X20’ DSD 356.02 Developmental Polyol I/O China (Ripe for Lab Test) 73305 Kgs, , WHLU-2734112=1X20’ Sanitox (Dimethoate) 1. Solid form, 2. Colorless Liquid form, 3. Brown Color Liquid form, Net Wt 16000 Kgs I/O China (Ripe for Lab Test) 17740 Kgs, TRLU-7014220, OOLU-8570429, OOLU-8540390=3X40’ EVA Sheet in Roll Size 1.43m X 1.2mm & 1.43m X 50m X 1.2mm I/O China (Ripe for Lab Test) 15220 Kgs, TGHU-1894874=1X20’ Halal (empty) Hard Gelatin Capsules Size “0” I/O India (Ripe for Lab Test) 1530 Kgs, WHLU-0347135=1X20’ Atrazine 38 % SC(W/V) 80 Plastic Net Wt 18000 Kgs I/O China (Ripe for Lab Test) 18900 Kgs, TEMU-4388100=1X20’ CLODINAFOP PROPAGYL 15 %, I/O India (Ripe for Lab Test) 9340 Kgs..