KARACHI: The Directorate General of Customs Valuation has dismissed a review petition filed by M/s Trade International against the valuation ruling No. 721/2015.

The Revision Petition was filed by M/s Trade International, Lahore against Valuation Ruling No.721/2015, which relates to valuation of bleached kraft liner Board covered under H.S Code 4804.1100.

The petitioner through the counselor reiterated that the value of the said product of USA origin has been valued at $595/MT as against the values submitted by the petitioner ranging from $575/MT to $580/MT.

It was argued that the Director Valuation considered the highest value and ignored the evidence produced before him and it was requested that consideration for revising the said values may be under taken because of wide gap of $35 between the two values.

DG Customs Valuation, Samaira Nazir Khan examined the submission and also gone through the facts of the case on record. Khan been observed that this ruling was basically a revision of previous Valuation Ruling No.601/2013.

Proceedings of this revision of values were carried out by the Director Valuation, in consideration of the representations made by importers to bring them in line with international market prices. It, therefore reflects that the decision was concluded after examining the stakeholders view point as well as the material facts and data placed on record.

The DG Customs Valuation noted the petitioners mainly contended that they had given evidences to justify the actual transaction value, which was based upon L/C and other documents but the same, was not considered by Director Valuation.

In this regard, evidences referred to were not found relevant to actual transaction and these were under process of clearance and could not be regarded as Custom values as per the law.

In the submissions given by the Departmental Representative, the DG observed that all the factors concerning the importers representation with respect to price variation was duly taken into account and based upon the evidences reflected in the import data, the Department has determined the Customs values as covered in the impugned Valuation Ruling and has justified the same in the light of findings of enquiry.

Samaira Nazir Khan found that the impugned ruling was decided in accordance with law and prescribed procedure while the department’s representatives have given valid reasons and substantial grounds to justify issuance of the same.

The impugned Valuation Ruling is therefore maintained and the revision petition is dismissed and disposed of accordingly.