KARACHI: Director General of Customs Valuation, Samaira Nazir has espoused the revision petition filed by the importer M/s DFB Gypsum Industries against valuation Ruling No.692/2014 with respect to the Gypsum tiles and Fiber cement Board. According to details, M/s DFB Gypsum Industries has filed a revision petition by expounding that they have severe concerns regarding the customs values determined in the said ruling. They submitted that in the previous valuation ruling no.566/2013 the customs value of Gypsum Board of China/Thailand was $ 0.26 per kg and decorated was $ 0.28 kg. But in the current ruling the amount has been reduced. It was also submitted by the M/s DFB Gypsum Industries that according to the data declared by the Customs Collectorate the rate is maintained at $ 0.26 and assessed at $0.26 per kg and $ 0.286 per kg which is inexcusable. Apart from this, Customs Value for fiber cement Board of Indian origin is at $ 0.23 per kg whereas in the previous ruling No.566/2013 the customs values for China / Thailand was at $ 0.41. It is further stated that Quality of Indian Fiber Board is inferior to that of China and Thailand. It is pertinent to mention that by reducing the customs value of Gypsum Board of china / Thailand from $ 0.26 per kg and $ 0.28 per kg to $ 0.24 per kg and $ 0.26 kg for Fiber Cement Board of China / Thailand origin from respective $ 0.41 kg to $ 0.23 kg will be synonymous to an exceptional loss of revenue. The respondent reply suggested that the PCT 6810.1900 has been wrongly typed instead of PCT 6811.8200. It was also submitted by the respondents that M/s DFB Gypsum Industries failed to furnish the corroboratory documents in support of their contention that the trend in international market has not changed since the date of previous valuation. Also, the petitioner have furnished only a typed statement without supporting invoices and GDS. DG of Customs Valuation remarked that the valuation of said good was determined after scrupulous discussions including the manufacturer of Gypsum Board. As the petitioner claim was that the determined value of the goods was very minimum in comparison with the existing market price. DG of Customs Valuation further added that the data sheet as referred by the manufacturer is indicative of differing price position and this factor needs to be thoroughly examined with particular reference of the quality factor and actual price description. Hence, the impugned valuation ruling deserves to be reconsidered in the light of the evidences shown by the manufacturer and directed to give an opportunity to the manufacturer to justify the fairness of the declaration by disposing off the review petition.