KARACHI: The directorate of Reforms and Automation (Customs) has prepared additional list of HS codes, which have a mandatory requirement of certificates/documents by different regulatory departments.

In the light of directives received from Ministry of Commerce and representations received from field formations regarding mandatory requirement of certificate/documents including PSQCA certificate, required by different regulatory departments against certain items/ HS codes, the data of HS codes already existing in the WeBOC system was scrutinized.

After comparison, additional identified list of HS codes was prepared and the required change for generation of system codes against these additional HS codes for relevant certificates has been deployed in WeBOC system.

Accordingly, goods attracting HS Code No.5201.0030, 5201.0040, 5201.0050, 5201.0060, 5201.0070, 5201.0080, 5201.0090, 5305.0010, 5305.0020 & 5305.0090 would require certificate from Department of Plant Protection.

Goods falling under HS Code No.7311.0020, 7311.0030 & 7311.0090 would require International Standard Compliance Certificate by a notified body & Certificate from respective department.

PSQCA’s Conformity Assessment Result Certificate is a mandatory requirement for goods falling under HS Code No.7227.9000, 7228.3010, 7228.3090, 7228.4000, 7228.5000, 7228.6000, 0902.4090, 0401.5000, 0904.2210, 9028.3000, 0401.2000, 0910.9100, 1512.2100, 1513.1100, 1701.1400, 1901.9020, 2106.9000, 2202.9000, 2406.9020, 2501.0090, 2523.9000, 3917.2310, 3917.2900, 7207.1110, 7207.1210, 7207.1920, 7207.2020, 7321.8200, 8407.3110, 8407.3190, 8407.3210, 8407.3290, 8407.3390, 8407.3400, 8501.4010, 8501.5190, 8501.5210, 8501.5212, 8507.1020, 8507.1090, 8516.7100, 8516.7200, 8516.7990, 8544.2000, 8544.6000, 8703.2114, 8711.1010, 8711.2010 & 8711.4010.

It was also known to Customnews.pk that PSQCA, plagued by corruption, also was not going by the book and issuing certificates for provisional release.

Sources said that it was just another door for corruption as PSQCA did not collected any samples vis-à-vis there was no laboratory testing of the imported goods to ascertain the quality standards.

PSQCA reportedly has fixed a ‘tariff’ which they receive under the table for issuing provisional quality of standard certificate, and on the basis of this certificate the importers get their consignments cleared.

PSQCA does not conduct any follow-up thereof nor any final report is issued, and the gods so cleared are consumed in the local markets There is no follow up after then and there has been no final report issued by PSQCA.

It is to this reason that local markets are flooded with sub-standard and lower quality goods including edibles and in some cases hazardous as well as ‘Haram’ products.