KARACHI: Directorate of Reforms and Automation (customs) has successfully deployed the WeBOC mobile Application in order to maintain transparency and to facilitate the trade.

The WeBOC mobile application has been configured and has been made operational on iPhone with utmost efforts of the Directorate of Reforms and Automation. It may be noted that in initial stage, this application can be used by importers, exporters and clearing agents only, which will be enhanced with the passage of time for other users as well.

Trader/clearing agent can download this application from App store of iPhone free of cost; trader/clearing agent will be able to login to the WeBOC system through this application by using their already issued unique user ID and password of WeBOC system.

This application has been designed in a way that it will run on slow internet connection and it does not occupy memory on iPhone. In order to safeguard user lD’s secrecy, passwords will never be stored and user will always be asked to re-login once he has signed out.

This application will display to the user list of Traders, GD Status, Inbox, Request for GD cancellation, VIR status and VIR search through BL.

This application will keep on posting updated GD’s status during the whole Customs clearance business process. The format will be displayed with information of GD Number, BL/Airwar Bill Number, GD Status, trader’s name, vessel’s name and VIR Number.

When one logs-in as a clearing agent, application will show all the traders who have authorized him for filing Goods Declaration on their behalf, but if he logs-in as a trader, application will show menu screen.

This application also provides the user the provision to send e-mail to support section of WeBOC on support.weboc@pral.com.pk. The messages sent by system or by Customs are displayed on screen in Inbox. The provision of filing GD cancellation request is also available in this application. In order to search information regarding a specific BL against a VIR, this option can be used. This option displays VIR number, Vessel Status, Vessel Name, Arrival Date, BL Number, Via port, Consignee Name, Consignor Name, Index Number, Gross weight and Net Weight.

In order to view status details of VIRs filed for the current year, the left menu available on screen of this application can be utilized. Application shows the information relating to Vessel Name, its status, VIR Number and its arrival date.

Users do not have to turn on their PCs / laptop rather, they can track status of their consignment on line at the ease of their palm. At present this app is only available to users who are using iPhone.

It may be noted that all checks of the WeBOC system which are applied in Web interface are kept intact while using this application.


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