KARACHI: Directorate General of Customs valuation has revised the customs values of Mosquito Coil & Aerosol Insecticide Spray through an addendum in the valuation ruling No.714 / 2015.

According to details, numerous representations of FPCCI & KCCI in the Directorate to revise the values keeping in view decreasing trends in the international market and as per order of the Customs Appellate Tribunal.

After review proceedings, an order was issued with the direction to revise current valuation ruling, an exercise was initiated for redetermination of customs values for Mosquito Coil & Aerosol Insecticide Spray. After the Valuation Ruling was issued several representations were received that their brands had not been included in the ruling.

Mosquito Coil & Aerosol Insecticide Spray per KG values would be assessed for duty and taxes at the following rates:

The customs values of Power Plus, King Extra Power, King Blacky, King Tox, Metro, Tiger, 123 Brand, Double A+D, Mosfly, Siyo, Lark Red Killer, Lark Black Hit, Moskill, Sogo Faster Black Cobra, Amorish and Fighter (finished in retail packing of all origin will be $0.75, Other Brand (other than Multinational Imports) of all origin at $0.85, Mosquito Coil with insecticide spray but without packing in bulk (other than Multinational Imports) all origin at $0.60.

Aerosol spray including King Tox Brand all origin at $1.05, Power Plus Brand Cobra/Hits Band all origin at $0.90, Moskill, Fighter, Tiger, Silver 123 brand, Osaka, Lark, Black Hit, King, Harmony, Attacker, Ever night / magic total tox, Kwick, Alladin, super hit, Sogo, Killtox, Toyal Tox, Faster Black Cobra and Perfect all origin at $0.80, Other Brands all origin at $1.10.