KARACHI: The Model Customs Collectorate, Port Muhammad Qasim has notified inter-collectorate transfer/posting of Deputy / Assistant Collectors.

The officers moved would relinquish & assume their new offices accordingly.

Shahid Ali, Deputy Collector has been moved from Group-III ADRC to Group-I; Wajid Zaman, Deputy Collector from Law PRV to Group-III ADRC, PRV Law-II (Tribunal and FTO) Adjudication (DC level of KPPI & PQIB); Iqbal Ahmed Memon, Deputy Collector from Group-I MCD to Bulk and bonds, Recovery MCD Custom House Laboratory Coordination with the Directorate of Customs Valuation; Fazli Shakoor Assistant Collector from Group-V Taxpayer Facilitation, securities & guarantee, Adjudication ACPA level of KPPI & PQIB to Group-VI Taxpayers’ Facilitation; Adjudication; Imran Afzal Assistant Collector from Group-II Customs House Laboratory to Group-V Securities & Guarantee Law-I (High Court, Supreme Court and other Courts); Abdul Qudoos Shaikh Assistant Collector from Group-VI Audit to Group-II Audit.