KARACHI: The CIU Port Qasim has affected the recovery of Rs118 million; this revenue had been leaked because of the over-use of concessionary SRO.

According to the details of the case, CIU acting on the information received from the Collector Port Qasim analyzed the facts and data and found that M/s Ontex Pakistan Pvt Ltd. had claimed the benefit of SRO 1125 (I)/2011.

It is pertinent to mention that the benefit of this SRO is only available to the persons who are doing business in textiles (including jute), carpets, leather, sports and surgical goods sectors.

The principal activity of M/ s Ontex Pakistan Pvt Ltd is manufacturer of the diapers, which is not covered under above mentioned sectors.

The CIU team analyzed the clearances of the same importer claiming and known the benefit of the said SRO had been availed on 61 GDs, which were cleared through MCC Port Qasim.

The tentative figure of the short levied amount of duties/taxes on these GDs is Rs. 118 millions. However, M/s Ontex has agreed to pay the short-paid amount in a couple of days.