KARACHI: As many as 40 consignments of wheat imported from Ukraine have been detained at QICT, as the commodity was found unfit for human consumption by the Department of Plant Protection of Ministry of National Food Security & Research.

As the Plant Protection Department did not give the clean chit for the subject consignments, the importers did not file the Goods Declaration for clearance of the consignments.

Now, the National Assembly standing committee on National Food Security & Research comprising 20 assembly members is scheduled to visit the Port Qasim (QICT) on Tuesday December 16, 2014 to physically inspect the consignment of sub-standard wheat imported from Ukraine.

Sources are surprised over the visit of 20 assembly members, as the visit would consume a large amount of public money while the visiting members would serve no purpose at all. “I wonder what may be the purpose of them visiting Port Qasim, because they are not scientists or wheat experts. Besides, the Plant Protection Department has already submitted the report,” a source said.

It was known that 20 containers would be physically inspected and Customs Authorities, Plant Protection staff would be present at the moment.

Customs authorities informed that no GD was filed so far and hence there was no jurisdiction of Customs at this point of time.

It was known that importers have taken the issue with the National Assembly, to explore the possibilities of re-export of the commodity.

Sources said that it was an irony that every sub-standard and hazardous thing was being imported in Pakistan whether it is wheat or used cooking oil. The traders were only interested in making money even at the cost of lives of innocent people, while corruption riddled quarters were enabling them.