KARACHI: The Anti-Smuggling Organization of MCC Hyderabad has seized 15,000 liters along with the tanker of Irani diesel from around Hyderabad bypass as part of the on-going campaign against smuggling.

This smuggled diesel was being transported from Karachi to Mirpur Khas. Assistant Collector ASO Hyderabad Amanullah Tareen and his team acting on information forwarded by Collector Hyderabad Wasif Memon made the seizure of the smuggled commodity.

Chairman FBR has issued strict directives to Preventive Collectorate, Hyderabad Collectorate and Gwadar Collectorate to check illegal import of Irani diesel. Intelligence & Investigation has also been instructed to remain highly vigilant in this regard.

Amanullah Tareen informed that ASO Hyderabad has seized 90,000 liters of diesel smuggled from Iran in the last three months.