KARACHI: DP World, on behalf of Qasim International Container Terminal, has said that Anti Narcotics Force will not examine any consignment where importers’ representatives are not available.
The terminal operator said that presence of nominated clearing agent is a mandatory requirement while execution of ANF examination activity and no container is attended by ANF authorities until nominated representative is available on examination spot. However, the operator is continuously receiving complaints from ANF authorities that most of the clearing agents are frequently coming late for processing their shipments which results delays.
It said that the situation is driving great impact on entire ANF/DEC examination cycle resulting unnecessary delay in inspection process and also affecting the projected timelines for clearance of cargo, thereafter, due to which terminal is encountering pendency/delays in handling and processing ANF shipments particularly.
In this regard, DP World asked the Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) to advise its members/clients to make sure that their nominated clearing agent should timely attend the cargo for the activity without any delay/failure.
Furthermore, the clearing agents are required to remain available and physically present on site and ensure appropriate monitoring and re-packing of cargo after ANF examination.