KARACHI: About 25 officials of Model Customs Collectorate of Preventive are attaining age of superannuation in 2015 and the authorities have issued directives to get their pension related documents.
In the latest lot of officials retiring next year are eleven Superintendent Preventive Services (SPS), seven Inspector Preventive Services (IPS), five Senior Preventive Officers (SPOs), Two Preventive Officer (PO).
The officials have also been advised if they desire to avail leave preparatory to retirement, they should apply for the same in-time.
The following officials-with date of retirement-are included:
Amjad Mansoor, SPS, May 4, 2015;
Jamshed Sultan, SPS, April 14, 2015;
Mashooq Sultan, SPS, April 26, 2015;
Riaz Akbar Shah, SPS, June 20, 2015;
Iftikhar Ahmed Sheri, SPS, July 13, 2015;
Syed Sohail Zaidi, SPS, July 15, 2015;
Najam Hameed, SPS, September 3, 2015;
Ahmed Shuja, SPS, September 13, 2015;
Ateeq Ahmed, SPS, November 5, 2015;
Arif Munir, SPS, July 16, 2015;
Abdul Ghaffar, SPS, October 19, 2015;
Javed Rafiq, IPS, March 7, 2015;
Ejaz Umer Memon, IPS, April 15, 2015;
Muhammad Shoukat Ali Awan, IPS, June 20, 2015;
M.M.A Ejaz (PACCSS), IPS, July 10, 2015;
Istiaz-ur-Rab Khan, IPS, August 8, 2015;
Umer Shah, IPS, December 21, 2015;
Qamar Gul, SPO, January 1, 2015;
Liaqat Ali, SPO, January 2, 2015;
Zafar Iqbal MH, SPO, September 22, 2015;
Asghar Imam, SPO, October 19, 2015;
Liaquat Ullah Siddiqui, SPO, December 22, 2015;
Muhammad Saeed Khan, PO, October 19, 2015;
Azam Ali, PO, September 15, 2015

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